Bon Bon is a Fancy tot from the Cosplay club in series 2. She has a big sister, a lil sister, a twin brother, and 4 pets: Hop Hop, Bon Bon Meow, Bon Bon Ham, and Pup Pup.

She was re-released in the Bling Series.

Pretty in pastel.
Number: 2-021

Series: Series 2

Club: Cosplay

Rareza: Fancy

Bon Bon is a Big Sister figure from Series 2. It belongs to the Cosplay Club. Sophisticated and unusual. He has Blue eyes and Blue, Pink, and Blonde hair.




LOL Surprise Doll Tot Series 2 – Bon Bon

Bon Bon Lol Surprise! Dolls Series 2 Bon Bon Doll

Bon Bon has tanned skin and violet lipstick. Her blush is a faint pink and she has sky blue eyes. She has pastel blue, pink, and yellow hair worn in braided buns with her spiked bangs mostly brushed to the side. She wears lilac glasses and has electric pink eyebrows.

Her outfit is composed of a white T-shirt with a split-colored vest of pastel pink and blue, with the accent being the color of the opposite side. The lapel is a split of lilac and pastel yellow. Paired with this is a lilac pleat with frilly petticoat and a pattern of pastel yellow bows sewn around the middle, pastel yellow ballerina shoes, and split color tights, the left leg being pastel pink, the right pastel blue.

In Bling from her hair and eyes gain glitter coating. She wears pale pink, big rounded glasses on her head. Her blush is reddish and she wears fuchsia lipstick.

Her outfit is composed of a glittering zippered tank-top that resembles her vest, paired with lilac short-shorts that has a pleat glittering fuchsia peplum, pink and white glittering shoes, and a pair of stockings, one pale yellow, the other pastel blue.

She resembles Sugar
Both girls have pastel pink and blue hair worn in the same style.
They both have blue eyes.
Both of them have brown or tanned skin and wear pink makeup.
They wear the same shoes.
They both have the same rarity.