Lil Cheer Captain
Gaga for ra-ra!
Number: 1-010

Series: Series 1

Club: Spirit

Rarity: Ultra-Rare

Lil Cheer Captain is a Lil Sisters figure from the Series 1 series. It belongs to the Spirit Club. Few of the lucky ones know her in person. Eye color is blue and his hair blonde.



Lil Cheer Captain is an Ultra Rare LOL from series 1. She is part of the Spirit club. She is the sister of the Cheer Captain.

Lil Cheer Captain resembles her sister. She has the same hair and eyes but has one eye shut and her tongue sticking out cutely. She wears a white diaper.

Along with Lil M.C. Swag Lil Roller Sk8ter & Lil Center Stage are one of the 4 Lil sisters in Series 1.

She and Lil’ Roller Sk8ter are the only L.O.L Lil’ Sisters who are in a crawling position.