Ice Sk8er has pale brown skin and big indigo eyes. Her lips have a pale pink blush and she has pink lipstick. Her pink hair is worn up in a braid across her head, and she has a short tuft of bangs with a tiny split on the side. She wears a powder blue ruffled dress with fuchsia ribbon lining the top and lilac scalloping on each shoulder, where a bow rests. White dots are print on the dress, and the bottom has a thick band of lilac and three fuchsia bows. She wears white ice skates.

Her hair is covered in glitter, along with her now dark blue eyes. Her blush is pinker in color, and on her head is a glittery pair of light pink furry earmuffs. She wears a metallic pale blue one-piece covered in dot print with a glittery, light pink ruffled trim and shoulder straps. Around her waist is ruffled, glittery layered fabric alternating between light pink and magenta. She also wears white tights with a light pink dot print and glittery turquoise ice skates.

Ice Sk8er is a Fancy tot from the Athletic club in series 2. She has a lil sister and a pet dog.

She was re-released in the LOL Surprise Bling Series.


LOL Surprise Doll Tot Series 2 – Ice Sk8er

Ice Sk8er Lol Surprise! Dolls Series 2 Ice Sk8er Doll

ce Sk8er
Queen of the Rink!
Number: 2-011

Series: Series 2

Club: Athletic

Rareza: Fancy

Ice Sk8er is a Big Sister figure from the Series 2 series. It belongs to the Athletic Club. Sophisticated and unusual. He has Violet eyes and Pink hair .