lil center stage

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Lil Center Stage

Lil Center Stage

Club Dance
Character # 025
Series 1
Rarity Ultra-Rare
Physical and Vital Information
Pink (Hair)
Lilac (Eye)

Reveal Surprise Color Changing
Lil Center Stage is an Ultra-Rare baby from the series 1 Dance club. She is related to Center Stage.

Lil Center Stage resembles her sister. She has lavender eyes and pink hair worn in a pair of buns held by white ribbons. The bangs are short and straight with a tiny split off-center. She has light blue and wears a lavender diaper.

She is one of the only babies released in Series 1, along with Lil M.C. Swag, Lil Cheer Captain, and Lil Roller Sk8ter.

Lil Center Stage
Tutu cute!
Number: 1-025

Series: Series 1

Club: Dance

Rarity: Ultra-Rare

Lil Center Stage is a Lil Sisters figure from the Series 1 series. It belongs to the Dance Club. Few of the lucky ones know her in person. He has Violet eyes and Pink hair.