Black is the new black.
Number: 2-024

Series: Series 2

Club: Cosplay

Rarity: Popular

Midnight is a Big Sister figure from Series 2. It belongs to the Cosplay Club. It is quite likely that you will find it. Eye color is Blue and hair Morado.


LOL Surprise Doll Tot Series 2 – Midnight

Midnight Lol Surprise! Dolls Series 2 Midnight Doll

Midnight is a popular lol doll from the series 2 Cosplay club. She has a twin brother, a younger sister, an older sister, and a pet.

Midnight has fair skin with pink blushed cheeks and wine red lipstick. Her eyes are pale blue. She has indigo hair worn in buns held by a braid around the base. Her bangs are left loose, beneath a black headband adorned by five black roses. She wears a black and white frilly dress with tiny bows going down the middle and a trim of layered frills around the bottom. This is worn with frilly white socks and black shoes with a tiny bow on the toe.

Midnight is meant to resemble the gothic lolita fashion style.
She resembles Flower Child
They both wear their hair up in buns, though with different hairstyles.
They wear the same accessory, shoes, and socks but in different colors.
Their dresses both have white inner-fabric.
Both of them have blue eyes.
Both have the same pose.
Both have the same rarity. The same goes with their lil sisters.
Both have dog pets, though they have different rarities and are in different series.